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How was YAKOLO® born?

David, father of two, went through what many parents do experience during the pre-schooler stage: the difficulty to install a sleep routine in young children. As a consequence he has experienced first-hand the consequences of lack of sleep: tiredness and irritation of children and parents alike. With his experience in bringing innovative products to life, he decided a few years ago to make the most of his sleepless nights to design an easy-to-use and simple device that would help his family get back the amount of sleep they all needed. 

YAKOLO® was born! This smart night light was quickly adopted by his children…and was a big success in bringing back peace and good night sleeps in the household! Theo, 7, is still a big fan and still goes to bed and gets up with YAKOLO®!

The importance of sleep in young children…

How does YAKOLO® work?

After the true success of using YAKOLO® with his own children and after reading numerous studies on the importance of sleep in young children, David decided to develop and commercialise his night light to help other parents who experience similar difficulties. During sleep time, the child’s experiences and learnings from the day’s activities get stored in his/her memory. It is also the time when the body secretes growth hormones. That is no surprise then that the lack of regular sleep or the lack of sleep routines for a young child leads to a state comparable to jet lag, which is harmful to his daily activities and above all to his brain development.

Based on a very simple and universal visual

Soft round shapes

Light and easy to carry

Programmable via an intuitive smartphone app - Rechargeable and transportable

Can also be controlled remotely

Customisable with accessories

Note that despite what we may widely assume the red colour of the light that remains on during the night is scientifically known as the melatonin’s (sleep hormone) best friend; so contrary to common belief, red light, as opposed to blue light, is better for sleeping.

YAKOLO® is :

  • Programmable via a smartphone App (available only for Android smartphone 4.3 or more),
  • Easily adaptable to all family needs: during the week, week-ends, for nap time, at home, at the childminder’s, away on holiday, etc.
  • Impossible for the child to change the settings since there is no switch or button on the YAKOLO® itself.

How to program YAKOLO®:

YAKOLO® is programmed via an intuitive smartphone App (available only for Android smartphone 4.3 or more). Parents can simply manage and control bedtime/wake-up times, naptimes, and/or any other daily activities needing time marks as the child gets older (e;g; TV time, video games), all of this from the easy-to-use smartphone interface.

Communication via Bluetooth

the Bluetooth can be switched off by the user

Who is YAKOLO® for?

YAKOLO® is for all parents with young children (aged 3 to 7) who do not yet have sleep routines in place. It is for parents aware of the importance of good sleep patterns for their child’s harmonious development and for parents often exhausted, lacking sleep…and who dream of good night sleeps again.

YAKOLO® is based on the principle of a traffic light, which makes it very easy for the child to understand :

  • The red light indicates to the child that it is a time ‘for waiting’, and therefore not the time yet to get up. It also provides this reassuring night light in the dark.
  •  The orange light indicates a ‘transition’ period. The child knows that it will soon be time to get up when the orange comes on in the morning, or that it is time to get ready for bed when it comes on in the evening. 
  • When YAKOLO® turns green, the child understands immediately that it is now time to get up!

“On the first night, we explained to him how it worked ; and the following evening he was the one who said: “it’s red I want to go to bed!”.”

Caroline S.

Sylvaine P.

“At the beginning it was like a game, everyone was impatient to see the light turn red!”

They have tested YAKOLO®

Christophe D.

" Week-ends are far more enjoyable for everyone! They don’t come to our bedroom before the light turns green! "

The creators

David & Pascal both went to the same Grande Ecole in France and then met again at Cambridge University. When David told Pascal about his YAKOLO® project, Pascal found the idea very exciting and soon joined the adventure. The complementarity of their respective knowledge and skills (product development and business strategy) helped them make the perfect start for their project.

David has been keen about innovative high-tech products for 15 years and is delighted to have created YAKOLO® and hopes it will help many parents and families!

Pascal is fond of new technologies and has been dealing with management and trade in the IT industry for 15 years. He has helped David from the very beginning to bring YAKOLO® to life.

David, YAKOLO®’s inventor

Pascal, YAKOLO®’s co-developer

Our project was acknowledged as an innovative and creative development initiative. It has seen the support of many organisations right from the beginning and we do thank them all for their support.

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